This speech preceded the finale of "Day One," Teen Mania's first stadium-sized event at the Pontiac Silverdome, April 24, 1999. This was Teen Mania's largest event to date, with an attendance, they claim, of 70,000.

The themes of militarism, the imperative to fight, and contempt and disgust toward other "kinds of Christian(s)" were clearly brought forth by Luce in this speech that he gave in the last session of Teen Mania's first national event, seven years ago. Today, Luce uses the same themes in today's "BattleCry" events in slightly different form, but they are nothing new; he's just brought these key elements to the forefront of his current program.

Ron Luce
At "Day One," April 24, 1999

It says this, Joel chapter three verse nine: "Proclaim this among the nations. Prepare for war. Rouse the warriors. Let the fighting men draw near and attack."

Do we have any fighting men and women in here ready for a fight for some souls?

You notice, he didn't say, didn't say "let all the weak kneed, limp wristed jellybacked I hope people don't see me pray in public kinds of Christian," it says "let all the fighting men draw near and get ready to go to war."

"Day One"
Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan
April 24, 1999

We don't need some trite little altar call, that makes us feel all mushy, makes us feel warm fuzzies, the emotions are flowing, snot is flying, we don't need that. What we need is a meeting with God that changes our heart where we make real commitments. We need a revolution.

We don't need any, mamby pamby, kumbaya, pasty mouth, watered down, maggot infested, mold infested, candy coated tired excuse for Christianity anymore. We need a revolution!

Patrick Henry said, the battle is not to the strong, but to the vigilant, the active, and the brave. Do we have any vigilant, active, and brave in the house tonight?

We really have no other choice, we must either fight, or become slaves.

Posted April 30, 2006