President Gerald Ford
At Teen Mania's "Stand Up," April 15, 2000
"Stand Up," in April 2000 at the Pontiac Silverdome, was Teen Mania's second stadium event. Televangelist Pat Robertson, host of "The 700 Club," was also a featured speaker.

Ron Luce: Would you please read along with us as President Ford leads us.

Gerald Ford: I pledge my life recognizing I am no longer my own, belonging to God who has called me to lead the world.

I pledge my character, understanding that it is the cornerstone of leadership. I make God's word the final authority directing my motives and actions.

I pledge my service realizing I am chosen by God, not by men. I will give my life away to serve others.

To this end, I will stand for the hurting, the hopeless, the unloved. I will say what others refuse to say. I will reach the world without losing sight of the neighborhood. I will walk upright, speak the truth, and live above reproach. I will not be ashamed to fall on my knees, to cry out to God, to shed tears for the dying, to [live] a life worthy of a leader, to stand up and lead my generation that all may know that Jesus Christ is alive.

Posted 2006-04-30
Updated 2006-12-27